since switzerland and italy are so close, we decided to jaunt up to switzerland for a day and stay in bern for a night. 1/ birds in switzerland eat lunch with you 2/ a 17km long tunnel 3/ the italy-switzerland border 4/ just a little swiss town
we stayed at the lds temple in bern. it was gorgeous and everyone was really nice.
we also drove through the swiss alps a bit. we were looking for zermatt, where the matterhorn mountain is because we are lovers of disneyland and also the fact that the matterhorn is the sister mountain to snowbird in utah, where we got engaged.

we couldn't find zermatt. apparently, one has to drive a ways and then take a train (not acessable by car).
"the hills are alive!!" oh wait, that was in austria.
i want to live in one of these cottages.
this shot is the quintessential "swiss alps" shot.
yes, we drove over that bridge
hi. we love the alps.
and ben's wing span is as long as our rental car. the smartcar is actually quite roomy.
this last one is interlaken. it's gorgeous, no?

other highlights:
the swiss frank was 99 cents to every u.s. dollar. so we were happy about calculating the exchange rate... but it ended up that everything was about twice as expensive in switzerland.

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milano of my heart.

when i was 19, i lived in italy. in a small town near milano.

and when ben and i got married, we got to go back there for a while. on our honeymoon. and it was amazing.
quite possibly the best pizza ever. you can see the delight in my face and ben's anticipation of :: best pizza ever.not sure why ben was sooo excited about this balsamic vinegar but... i think we were just excited in general so the excitedness just got turned up about 3 notches.the secret garden :)this is the lovely garden of the house where we stayed in nerviano (small town near milano). it's where i lived when i came to italy in 2005.
yummy pizza take out... and waiting for the bus. waiting for the bus in italy is truly an adventure.
yes, we did take photos of our gelato, every time.
castello sforzesco in milano
il duomo in milano. it's a gothic cathedral. very beautiful, i think.
all of my favorite italians (except for elena).
here we are at the galleria with tommaso e elena.
elena. like i've said before, if only we lived closer to one another, we would be best friends!
elena's brother, alessandro gave ben the perfect parting gift.

other highlights:
the nerviano bells. they go off ever half hour. and when i say every half hour, i mean, literally. during the night and all. and at 7am, 12pm and 7pm there is a big loud long bell ruckus. fun fun.
we did a lot of relaxing. it was really nice.
nona tina asked ben, "te piace birra?" no. "vino?!" no. "acqua?!" hehehe (it means, "do you like beer?" no. "wine?" no. "water?!")

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cinque terre :: monterosso, italia

cinque terre (which means, five lands or five towns all along the coast, in this case) is really beautiful. we felt very relieved our hotel was super close to the train station and really easy to find. and overlooked the sea.some snackies on the beach. and some italian men playing bocce :: a great italian game.
i want to live here, i want to live here, i want to live here... (my thoughts in this photo)
we "hiked" along the coast
and we saw rick steves (right). he's the dude that writes travel books and you know he's legit because he travels to the places he writes about. well, at least italy.
sooo pretty.
it was just really pretty. so the whole time we talked about how pretty it was.

other highlights:
we took the train to see some of the other towns.
we walked around a lot.
we relaxed too.

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florence, italia

on the train to florence from rome...
delicious food. the prosciutto and melon just go so well together.
river arno.
ponte vecchio
lovely architecture
doesn't this gelato look amazing?!! well, it looked amazing. not so much tasted that way :(
florence is such a quiet and gorgeous city. we really loved it.

other highlights:
when we arrived at our hotel and the concierge was giving us a map, he said in his italian accent, "it's-a broken. do you mind-a?" hehe. we still laugh about it.
we went to the academia museum to see michelangelo's david. it really is amazing (and huge).
the covered market. i am a sucker for covered markets.

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