about ms emily & mr ben - the anthology blog

we met on august 28th, 2005. emily's friends convinced her to go to a social gathering she didn't want to go to... but because she went, she met ben.

we hit it off right away, making jokes and eating a lot of good food, much like today. after a few months we decided to call it quits.
but all our friends were the same people. so we ended up spending a lot of time together, becoming better friends than ever. after a year we decided to date again. and after another year, we decided to get married.
so on this day, may 10th, 2008, we got married in provo, utah with our very favorite family, friends and food.

we honeymooned in europe for three whole weeks (lucky us).

in june 2008 we drove across the country to move to our new dc home and have since learned a lot.

emily is a recent graduate (master of arts) from the george washington university, in women's studies and anthropology.
ben worked at his cool government job in dc, supporting emily, emotionally more than anything :)

upon leaving dc, we traveled in asia for five weeks. the most incredible and crazy trip of our lives (so far).

our new home is new york city, where ben is attending law school at fordham law and is the smartest kid in class.
emily is the sugar mamma, working in midtown- helping to support our food and treat habits.

we continue to love traveling, art, food, family, adventures and learning.

and i [emily] love blogging. i love blogging so i can document the things we do and love.