catania, sicilia: italia

here is the commencement of the honeymoon or luna di miele posts of ms emily and mr ben.
we first flew from salt lake city, utah to rome, italy--- then took the train to embark on a mediterranean cruise on the cruiseline, costa romantica (sounds romantic, right?).

it was an adventure. we like adventures. like our first flight out of slc, utah was canceled. then we finally got to the cruise boat 24 hours later and our room was messy. but then our room got upgraded and we were happy. here we are in civitavecchia, italy getting our first italian pizza together before our ship took off.
it was delicious. really it was.
we are just making the we-just-traveled-for-24-hours-after-the-biggest-day-of-our-lives face.
but we're happy.
we finally got some sleep and we are on the windy mediterranean sea!!! i am obessed with the medit, by the way.
catania, italy. quite pretty.
our first gelato together. uh maze ing.
leaving the port of catania (we'll be back)
our matching pedicure. it's too cute for words, right?
the open sea near sicily.
sicily behind us.
and this is the boot of italy. pretty pretty.

blogged on june 17, 2010

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