cinque terre :: monterosso, italia

cinque terre (which means, five lands or five towns all along the coast, in this case) is really beautiful. we felt very relieved our hotel was super close to the train station and really easy to find. and overlooked the sea.some snackies on the beach. and some italian men playing bocce :: a great italian game.
i want to live here, i want to live here, i want to live here... (my thoughts in this photo)
we "hiked" along the coast
and we saw rick steves (right). he's the dude that writes travel books and you know he's legit because he travels to the places he writes about. well, at least italy.
sooo pretty.
it was just really pretty. so the whole time we talked about how pretty it was.

other highlights:
we took the train to see some of the other towns.
we walked around a lot.
we relaxed too.

blogged june 21, 2010

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