izmir, turkey

izmir was also a part of our mediterranean cruise. it was such an interesting city.

we were immediately bombarded by lots of men selling things
and even though we didn't buy very much we bought more than we normally would have.

we couldn't walk five feet without someone asking us to buy something. it was insane. but we loved it and laughed a lot.
the izmir bell tower. the man who took the photo of us kept saying, "i'm not dangerous, i'm not dangerous." magnum bars are the best ice cream bars in the world. and not sold in the u.s. (maybe that's why?) i first had a pistachio magnum in mexico... and the only other place i have found one is turkey. joy.
a lovely path and turkish coke. but really, coke isn't that good in turkey (sorry).
we heart sketchy cab rides.
laying out on the booooat.
other highlights:
-visiting the oldest mosque in izmir (our little guide was so impressed with all ben knew about islam)
-the call to prayer
-the shish-kabab we shared in the bazaar
-ben's famous quote, "turkish delight is best before it's all gone."

bye izmir!!
we will never forget your taxi drivers, turkish delight, baklava and bazaar (it's a bazaaaaar!!)

blogged on june 18, 2010

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