roma, italia :: il capitale

in rome we stayed at the pantheon view hotel--- which was just fine but really difficult to find.
we were happy with the view--- the pantheon roof is just beyond the multicolored tile roof in the foreground.
we visited ben's favorite gelato place from when he visited rome in 2006. i had been in 2005 so it was nice to feel like we knew the place a little and toured the city leisurely.
i'm pretty sure we took photos of ourselves every time we ate gelato. that's because it's so incredibly delicious.
carbonara pasta. we make our own little version, here. and pizza with prosciutto crudo is a tip top favorite of ours.
the pantheon.
the trevi fountain.
il colosseowe love the humidity...
vatican museums
1. the pantheon oculus roof (it's open so if it's rains, it rains) 2. in the museo pio-clementino 3. peter in chains 4. michelangelo's moses.
la basilica di san pietro
pantheon again
snack time
protecting my snacks. and it was pouring when we left. not sure about my confusion in the last one... but i remember getting soaked and it was just sort of funny.

other highlights:
a cute little priest man helped us find our way to the vatican museums. and we waited in line for an hour to get in. pretty standard.
ben is a really good tour guide even when he's not an expert on something. but, somehow he just knows stuff.
the sistine chapel was amazing, really. but i was just really sad that 1/ it was completely crowded. completely. 2/ people were talking even though there are huge signs everywhere stating that talking isn't allowed. 3/ people took photos, which you aren't supposed to do, either. oh well.

blogged on june 21, 2010

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