since switzerland and italy are so close, we decided to jaunt up to switzerland for a day and stay in bern for a night. 1/ birds in switzerland eat lunch with you 2/ a 17km long tunnel 3/ the italy-switzerland border 4/ just a little swiss town
we stayed at the lds temple in bern. it was gorgeous and everyone was really nice.
we also drove through the swiss alps a bit. we were looking for zermatt, where the matterhorn mountain is because we are lovers of disneyland and also the fact that the matterhorn is the sister mountain to snowbird in utah, where we got engaged.

we couldn't find zermatt. apparently, one has to drive a ways and then take a train (not acessable by car).
"the hills are alive!!" oh wait, that was in austria.
i want to live in one of these cottages.
this shot is the quintessential "swiss alps" shot.
yes, we drove over that bridge
hi. we love the alps.
and ben's wing span is as long as our rental car. the smartcar is actually quite roomy.
this last one is interlaken. it's gorgeous, no?

other highlights:
the swiss frank was 99 cents to every u.s. dollar. so we were happy about calculating the exchange rate... but it ended up that everything was about twice as expensive in switzerland.

blogged on june 22, 2010

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