paris, ce beau*

the last day of our honeymoon was spent in paris. we stayed in a non-touristy part of the city in a quaint hotel. and we loved it.we ate lunch with a view of the eiffel tower. baguettes and brie, yes please.
first parisian crepe
a view from the top
bus 69 is the best for must-see parisian sites.
notre dame and big smilesone of the original metro entrances. i heart metros.
delicious dinner.
we walked the entire champs-élysées to the arc de triomphe. it's a really long walk and not for the faint of heart. we rested at the base of the arc and listened to some tunes. what fun.
so pretty.

other highlights:
when we were walking from our hotel to the metro, i heard a garbage man whistling "la vie en rose." i didn't hear it any other time in paris and to me this was perfect.
the eiffel tower didn't let me down. it was so big and beautiful.
the louvre was lovely but there are so many other works of art other than mona that need more attention and praise.
at dinner, we had the best creme brulee ever. and i'm not just saying that because it was in paris. and our waitress was super nice. probably the only nice french person we had encountered up to that point (we have since met some nice ones).

*when i was little, i had a shirt (given to me by my mom and sister who visited paris without me) that said, paris ce beau

blogged on june 22, 2010