baseball (and aging?)

Friday night is date night. Friday night is also student night at Camden Yards... a.k.a. Baltimore Orioles ball park a.k.a. Ben's favorite baseball team. The Orioles or the O's played the NYYankees, Ben's least favorite baseball team. NYY's hottest player= Derek Jeter. O's hottest player= Brian Roberts. (Ben just shakes his head at this.)
It was a lot of fun driving to Baltimore. The George Washington Memorial Pkwy (which we take to get to the temple) and the Baltimore-Washington Pkwy (which we took on Friday) are both incredibly beautiful. Both freeways are completely enclosed by huge green trees. The baseball park is beautiful as well, with a view of the Baltimore skyline in front of you. Part of the park (outside where one can buy food and souvenirs) is Eutaw Street. Get it? :)

The game didn't turn out as we wanted, but it was exciting. Any sort of game is so much more fun when you or someone you are with really loves one of the teams playing. The even "funner" thing is that at Camden Yards, you can bring your own food! Ben and I made yummy sandwiches and brought some orange O's snacks: carrots, clementines and candy corn! We then splurged a little on the desserts. First we got cotton candy because I've only had it once or twice (in my childhood)--- it's just one of those sugar temptations I feel like I was denied of most of my life. Because of Friday, I'm good for the next twenty or so years.
Then... we got dippin' dots, which some of you may know is the ice cream of the future and has been for twenty years now. Ben had never experienced it--- and of course it's not the best treat ever, but it's just exciting to try.
Candy corn! (Stuck in traffic, a favorite pastime for us DCers.)
See what I mean? Totally awesome.
I just thought this was a super cool clock.
I love the sweeping of the sand. Doesn't really make sense to me--- but it's the Major Leagues... so who knows?
Experiencing "the ice cream of the future."
The guy that took this has something against short people.
I got to wear Ben's old jacket. And I looked really cool while doing it.
This is the moment we realized there was no hope... and we were losing. But I said, "We look so sad."
So we took this photo.
I posted this because I'm making a very "Shayna" face and it made me laugh.
Ben was so happy to hang with the O's for a night.
Leaving the ball park at about 11pm. Eu-taw street :)

It was a great night. Baseball is so fascinating to me. If a baseball player hits 1 of every 3 balls, he is considered pro. Secondly, the whole "I-play-sports-for-a-living" thing kind of baffles me. I've been taught to work before play but these men get to do both at the same time. Inevitably, I'm sure the novelty wares off after awhile. Lastly, there are no timers in baseball. This makes it unpredictable. I believe my father-in-law once sat through a 15-inning game. Our game was still the traditional 9 innings... and even then we got home late--- so Ben carried me to bed :)

To finish this post, I turn to one of my two biggest fears: aging. (The other is spiders.) On Sunday morning I found two silvery white hairs on Ben's head. So I got the tweezers and got rid of the little traitors. I then went to the bathroom to shower and there on my head was my very own silvery white hair! AHH!! The only other white hair(s) I've found on my head was when I was 18. Perhaps it's only something that will happen to me every four years. At least I hope so.


our recent adventures

I (Emily) originally felt like I needed to have a cute child to blog about in order to have a blog at all. I also felt like I was justified in sharing photos with family and close friends because all of my friends and some of my family are on good ol' Facebook. But I think blogging is a great way to be able to share with everyone you love (who has an internet connection). Basically, I apologize to those of you who have Facebook and see most of these photos twice. But... as always, thanks for looking!

As most of you know, Ben and I recently moved to Arlington, Virginia. It's quite a nice place. Besides the humid heat, it's a fun area to try new things. The District (D.C.) is a great place for poor newlyweds because most of the museums and sites are free! I've posted a few photos of our travels out here in June, some of Ben's birthday (July 9th) and some of a short NYC trip we took to visit our friend, Sienna. Enjoy!

Windmills in Wyoming. Wyoming was 2 of 11 states we passed through in the Uhaul.

Some of you may remember hearing about the major flooding in Iowa. We experienced it. Iowa was state 4 of 11.

The wonderful Nauvoo temple. We tried to do a session but it is such a busy temple in the summer that without a reservation, one usually cannot do a session. We got to see the temple anyway and it was beautiful! Illinois was state 5 of 11.

We made it to DC! This was our first trip to the DC temple which is actually in Maryland. (Maryland was state 10 of 11, just in case you were wondering.)

Our first drive by the White House! Since this photo we've walked by the White House quite a lot. It's not very convenient to drive into the District. Thank goodness for Metro.

This is at the WWII Memorial. Our shout out to Utah!

Ben's favorite person. Well... maybe not but Ben did write his Senior Capstone paper on Lincoln.

The faux dome of our beautiful capitol building!

A ride home on the Metro.

The fourth of July! I loved the fireworks on the Mall!

On Ben's birthday (July 9th) we dressed up a little and went out for a fun dinner.

A really good birthday cake (if I do say so myself).

We took a short trip to NYC to see Si. This made me laugh--- peoples laying out in Central Park. Awesome really.

Kiss kiss in Dumbo park (in Brooklyn).

Romantic rendezvous with my lovely Sienna.

And a beautiful shot of the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset. Our short little trip was so fun!


our honeymoon (may-june)

Since our wedding and honeymoon came just after graduation, we decided to reward ourselves and take a three week vacation. We went on a Mediterranean cruise (to Sicily, Greece and Turkey) and also visited Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Milano, Switzerland and Paris. We spent most of our time in Milano because I was finishing up my research for my final senior project. Going to Europe and so many different countries was an adventure but it was an incredible amount of fun and unforgettable.

Mykonos Greece: Eating at Kavos where we had Souvlaki, a Gyro and Tzatziki. It was amazing food. We also got a crepe with Nutella, mmmm. Mykonos was one of our favorite isles because we rented a scooter and explored.

Oai, Santorini Greece: These blue domed churches are what make Santorini famous. We thought we would be able to find them just getting off the boat. But, we rented a scooter again and took a 15 minute ride along the coast to Oai. We are so glad we found them!

The Trevi fountain in Rome is a wonderful place to hang out. Just like in Roman Holiday, we made a wish. Later on in the day, we got sandwiches (and then some gelato) and ate them in front of the fountain. It is beautiful in the day and the night. And it's huge!

Florence is beautiful. This is us on a bridge with the river Arno behind us. We got to see the city and Michelangelo's David.

Manarola in Cinque Terre (five lands). We took a hike along the coast so we could see most of the towns in Cinque Terre. Beautiful again!

We took a side trip to Bern, Switzerland to visit the LDS temple.

We explored the Swiss Alps. Incredible!

We rented a Smart Car for the trip to Switzerland. It was surprisingly roomy!

Il Duomo in Milano. We were excited to see it wasn't under construction. When I lived near Milan, I never got to see such a full view of this beautiful cathedral!

This is us at Peck's (fancy, fancy) grocery store in Milano. The only thing we could afford was gelato and that was ok with us!

Paris, France. We bought a baguette, brie and some fruit at the market. We ate our lunch with a view of the Eiffel Tower. It wasn't a disappointment to me (who hadn't seen it) because it's huge!

We walked the Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe and when we got there the Eiffel Tower lit up. It was a lovely end to the perfect honeymoon vacation!


our wedding, may 10th

the beginning of Emily and Ben started almost three years ago... but we got married three months ago! we just received our professional wedding photos and we're extremely excited to relive our wedding day. it was beautiful, amazing and everything we hoped for.
i love the color of this one. we are so happy we got married in may!
the wonderful Ben family
the lovery emily fam
the most attractive man!
this was so cute of annie, it had to be posted!
and cute b. paul!