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I (Emily) originally felt like I needed to have a cute child to blog about in order to have a blog at all. I also felt like I was justified in sharing photos with family and close friends because all of my friends and some of my family are on good ol' Facebook. But I think blogging is a great way to be able to share with everyone you love (who has an internet connection). Basically, I apologize to those of you who have Facebook and see most of these photos twice. But... as always, thanks for looking!

As most of you know, Ben and I recently moved to Arlington, Virginia. It's quite a nice place. Besides the humid heat, it's a fun area to try new things. The District (D.C.) is a great place for poor newlyweds because most of the museums and sites are free! I've posted a few photos of our travels out here in June, some of Ben's birthday (July 9th) and some of a short NYC trip we took to visit our friend, Sienna. Enjoy!

Windmills in Wyoming. Wyoming was 2 of 11 states we passed through in the Uhaul.

Some of you may remember hearing about the major flooding in Iowa. We experienced it. Iowa was state 4 of 11.

The wonderful Nauvoo temple. We tried to do a session but it is such a busy temple in the summer that without a reservation, one usually cannot do a session. We got to see the temple anyway and it was beautiful! Illinois was state 5 of 11.

We made it to DC! This was our first trip to the DC temple which is actually in Maryland. (Maryland was state 10 of 11, just in case you were wondering.)

Our first drive by the White House! Since this photo we've walked by the White House quite a lot. It's not very convenient to drive into the District. Thank goodness for Metro.

This is at the WWII Memorial. Our shout out to Utah!

Ben's favorite person. Well... maybe not but Ben did write his Senior Capstone paper on Lincoln.

The faux dome of our beautiful capitol building!

A ride home on the Metro.

The fourth of July! I loved the fireworks on the Mall!

On Ben's birthday (July 9th) we dressed up a little and went out for a fun dinner.

A really good birthday cake (if I do say so myself).

We took a short trip to NYC to see Si. This made me laugh--- peoples laying out in Central Park. Awesome really.

Kiss kiss in Dumbo park (in Brooklyn).

Romantic rendezvous with my lovely Sienna.

And a beautiful shot of the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset. Our short little trip was so fun!

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