our wedding, may 10th

the beginning of Emily and Ben started almost three years ago... but we got married three months ago! we just received our professional wedding photos and we're extremely excited to relive our wedding day. it was beautiful, amazing and everything we hoped for.
i love the color of this one. we are so happy we got married in may!
the wonderful Ben family
the lovery emily fam
the most attractive man!
this was so cute of annie, it had to be posted!
and cute b. paul!


Megan Marie said...

oooooooooo, you are so pretty. love your colors-setting-hair-dress-EVERYTHING.

Peggy said...

so fun to relive your special day. Happy 2nd and an eternity to go! You are such a happy couple. Love your dress and its secret.

Rhianne said...

emily these are gorgeous and you look so beautiful. I love the cake as well!

Farah said...

Aww...everything is SO pretty! lovely photos emily! xoxo