cbc & other news

On Friday we were able to go to the Congressional Black Caucus. Just in case you don't know, "The Congressional Black Caucus is an organization representing the African American members of the Congress of the United States." Jenn, Katie's friend is a lobbyist and was kind enough to let us tag along with her. I was mostly just excited about being able to dress up, wear make-up (for the first time since our wedding?) and have a fun night out. We all thought the get together started at 6 and we were horribly late, only to find out it started at 7 and we were 20 minutes early. We waited outside for a few minutes and then we were let in a little early. I was glad for this so we were insured a table and a good pick of the hors d'oeuvres. Everything was of course bite-sized, including: salmon, mac&cheese with crab, duck on a potato chip, and a pretend piece of bruschetta. It was also open bar--- so we got all the free Coke we wanted!! Woo hoo :) I guess the perks of free open bar don't so much apply to us... but the free desserts sure do. (Yes, I am addicted to sugar.)
We also made an appearance at a huge debate party at the D.C. Convention Center. It was fun hearing people boo and clap at the appropriate times. :)

It was business/cocktail attire, so I went all out and got some $2 earrings.

I loooooved the green (and purple) lighting.

Jenn, Katie, Ben, Emily... notice the tiny red velvet cupcakes. Amazing.

The debate party... Who can spot the white people?

In other news...
I was called in early to church today. I was hoping for a calling, any calling really. Ben kept joking I would be called as a primary teacher... and he was right! I am actually sort of like a glorified substitute teacher. I will be rotating around to all the different classes, allowing the real teachers to attend their respective meetings quarterly. Coincidentally, it was the primary program today, which was a fun way for me to see who I will be with. I think the bishopric must have caught me pulling faces and holding hands of too many kids... I am excited!!


my favorite color is rainbow?

In an effort to bring back my younger days of the co-op, camel's back park, braids and tie-dye (and perhaps the desire to increase my inner hippie)... Ben and I decided to do tie-dye last week. I was so excited to turn some of my old and boring shirts into something new and exciting, as well as get cheap tourist shirts sold at nearly every metro stop. We started the tie-dye late on Friday and so we went the distance and stayed up way passed our bedtime (around 1:45am) in order to wash out the dye. We were especially excited to sport our "political" t-shirts to a wonderful group gathering held at Katie's house. At least I feel temporarily like I have new shirts to sport... revitalizing my closet if you will. I also thought a lot about my sisters and Si while in the process. I know we all have a special place in our hearts for the art of the tie and dye. But really, it's an art all the foxes possess. ;) Love you all.
Pink and greening a $2 find from Good Will.

Additionally, I have recently been tagged in a little quiz thinger. I don't really know what that means... but Bybes tagged me--- and it was only after I figured out who "Emily M" was that she meant me.
Tagged by Bybessss: "One Word......."
1. Where is your cell phone?... pocket
2. Your hair?... short :P
3. Your significant other?... big&beautiful
4. Your mother?... petite
5. Your father?... hardworking
6. Your favorite thing?... cheese
7. Your dream last night?... nightmare
8. Your favorite drink?... boba
9. Your dream/goal?... help peoples
10. The room you're in?... living room
11. Your child(ren)?... yyikes
12. Your fear?... aging
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?... italy
14. Where were you last night?... on the potomac
15. What you're not?... employed
16. Muffins, blueberry or poppy?... blueberry
17. One of your wish list items?... shirts
18. Where you grew up?... utah
19. What you read last?... GRE prep book
20. What are you wearing?... sweater
21. Your TV?... black
22. Your pets?... none
23. Your computer?... apple
24. Your life?... lovely
25. Your mood?... hopeful
26. Missing someone?... my fam
27. Your car?... passat
28. Something you're not wearing?... shoes
29. Favorite Store?... the rack
30. Your summer?... hot!
31. Like someone?... my husband
32. Your favorite color?... green
33. Last time you laughed?... just barely
34. Last time you cried?... not sure?
and i'm probably not going to tag anyone? how do I tag? you're it!


museum & ben day

We realized Monday was our last free day together. Free having multiple meanings... since all we can afford is free. Ben started an internship today, so yesterday we decided to take advantage of our last full and blissful day together. It's been rare to be able to spend our first four months of marriage with each other for every waking moment. I have loved every bit of it. I am also happy for September because the weather has been cooling down so walks are more pleasant and we don't have to use air conditioning as much :) (Since I'm all about conserving...)

This scene of us sitting at the bus stop has been a very frequent occurrence since we moved to Scott Street.
We went to the Air & Space Museum (one of many Smithsonian museums). And I had the best tour guide ever... Benjamin.
"If you put your nose to the window... that is what it's like to be in space" :) (Ask Ben about it sometime.)

Apollo 13... heard of it?
Freeze dried Neopolitan ice cream. It's the food of astronauts.
My first try of the freeze dried ice cream confirmed the fact that I still love anything that resembles ice cream.
Ben is in fact taller than our nation's capitol.
The Hope Diamond (at the Natural History museum, another Smithsonian). My camera turned it green... I like it better than blue. :)
I was a little behind Ben and when I turned the corner I saw this. It made me laugh.
We then ventured to U street and went to Ben's Chili Bowl. It's a pretty fun experience, although I am not the biggest chili lover. I'm all about trying new things and Ben really wanted to go. He had only ever been there once. I think a big part of why he really loves it is because of its name. :)
The sign says, "List of who eats free at Ben's: Bill Cosby. NO ONE ELSE." Love it.

We also got to read all about the history of Ben's Chili Bowl. Bill Cosby is a big reason why Ben's is still open... that must be why he eats free :) It's been open for 50 years, surviving a lot of hard times. It's quite the "historical gem" if you will.
I was really happy for our day out. It was amazing and fun fun fun as always. I love my Ben :)


september 11th jaunt


I had completely forgotten yesterday was September 11th until I took the bus to the Pentagon City metro (which drives by the Pentagon) and there were policepeople and police cars lining the hills and streets. The dedication for the new Pentagon memorial was taking place as the 16G bus drove by. I was then almost late (to my 1,000th job interview) because a hoard of people boarded the metro at the Pentagon stop. I wish we could've gone to the dedication, but I think only very important, political, pretty people were invited. We even tried to drive by it later yesterday, but one can only drive so close to the Pentagon without being asked to turn around.

Instead (and gratefully), Ben and I met Buddy and Erica at our previously planned spot, the Smithsonian metro. It's been nice and cloudy lately so the usual insta-shirt-sticking-to-one's-back didn't occur so easily last night. Firstly, we leisurely walked to the fisherman's wharf, which smelled... like... fish.

We looked at the crabs... the two in the back were waving. We all decided seafood is really expensive and opted out of purchasing crab cakes or "crab balls," mostly because of our communal unemployed states.

We saw the pretty and expensive boats...

We (me, Erica, Buddy) stood by the flag to feel a bit more patriotic.

We then walked the beautiful path along the Potomac river to the Jefferson and FDR memorials.
The White House peeeeeking

big cheesy smile (on my part)

I love this because it shows how close the planes are, flying into National Airport...

Smiles for FDR :)

We finished by walking passed the WWII memorial, Lincoln memorial, across Memorial Bridge (feeling like the planes flying overhead were going to hit us) to the Arlington Cemetery metro where we went our separate ways on the blue line. It was a lot of fun and the perfect evening for a walk! I think it's safe to say... I am growing fond of the D.C.


labor day came & went

Maybe it's the artist in me, but I blog so much better with photos. I have such a hard time narrowing my photos down to fit on the blog... because I am a visual learner and so all of you have no choice but to be visual as well.

Labor Day weekend has become a tradition for my family to meet up at our cabin in Cascade. So we (Ben & I) decided to make the week of it and went Tuesday to Tuesday. It was fun filled with lots of Bang! (an Italian card game, so of course we loved it), wakesurfing, playing with the wonderful babies, hot springs, trips to McCall and of course the milk shake tradition.
My top 13 favorites of the week(end) were (in no particular order):
1. Bang!
2. the Mountain Berry milkshake
3. b Paul's laugh along with splashing in the hotsprings
4. When Kristen asked Sam and Brooklyn to tell me what they liked about me, Brooklyn said, "I like to jump!" and Sam said, "I like your hair!!"
5. When Brandon took Brooklyn on the wakesurf with him
6. Mango Sticky Rice= crack cocaine
7. When Annie would pick up a book and climb up the couch to Ben to have him read to her
8. Church in the (freezing) barn with the horses
9. The calm, relaxing goodness of laying on the dock and soaking up the sun
10. playing Speed! tiebreaker!
11. don't you know that you're toxic?... ice cream
12. Ben & I sharing a twin bed all week
13. and of course, Lithium cures all

Our first trip to hot springs! Fun times!

Ben and I were totally jealous of his cute pjs. And we were also jealous of how cute he is :)

Good times at the lake...

I love her huge blue eyes. And how she and b Paul sat on the beach for hours...

Sam making his diesel 10 face :)


Joy rides on the boat

"black glass"

Like father like son...

Their yearly sugar intake

My eleventeen year old look

Brandon opening bday presents! (Brooklyn painted the wrapping paper)

It was a very lovely time. There is nothing like a nice vacation with the family at a place we all love. Our cabin was finished the year I was born... so I have been going since I was born. I will always love that place!! It's amazing.