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On Friday we were able to go to the Congressional Black Caucus. Just in case you don't know, "The Congressional Black Caucus is an organization representing the African American members of the Congress of the United States." Jenn, Katie's friend is a lobbyist and was kind enough to let us tag along with her. I was mostly just excited about being able to dress up, wear make-up (for the first time since our wedding?) and have a fun night out. We all thought the get together started at 6 and we were horribly late, only to find out it started at 7 and we were 20 minutes early. We waited outside for a few minutes and then we were let in a little early. I was glad for this so we were insured a table and a good pick of the hors d'oeuvres. Everything was of course bite-sized, including: salmon, mac&cheese with crab, duck on a potato chip, and a pretend piece of bruschetta. It was also open bar--- so we got all the free Coke we wanted!! Woo hoo :) I guess the perks of free open bar don't so much apply to us... but the free desserts sure do. (Yes, I am addicted to sugar.)
We also made an appearance at a huge debate party at the D.C. Convention Center. It was fun hearing people boo and clap at the appropriate times. :)

It was business/cocktail attire, so I went all out and got some $2 earrings.

I loooooved the green (and purple) lighting.

Jenn, Katie, Ben, Emily... notice the tiny red velvet cupcakes. Amazing.

The debate party... Who can spot the white people?

In other news...
I was called in early to church today. I was hoping for a calling, any calling really. Ben kept joking I would be called as a primary teacher... and he was right! I am actually sort of like a glorified substitute teacher. I will be rotating around to all the different classes, allowing the real teachers to attend their respective meetings quarterly. Coincidentally, it was the primary program today, which was a fun way for me to see who I will be with. I think the bishopric must have caught me pulling faces and holding hands of too many kids... I am excited!!

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