labor day came & went

Maybe it's the artist in me, but I blog so much better with photos. I have such a hard time narrowing my photos down to fit on the blog... because I am a visual learner and so all of you have no choice but to be visual as well.

Labor Day weekend has become a tradition for my family to meet up at our cabin in Cascade. So we (Ben & I) decided to make the week of it and went Tuesday to Tuesday. It was fun filled with lots of Bang! (an Italian card game, so of course we loved it), wakesurfing, playing with the wonderful babies, hot springs, trips to McCall and of course the milk shake tradition.
My top 13 favorites of the week(end) were (in no particular order):
1. Bang!
2. the Mountain Berry milkshake
3. b Paul's laugh along with splashing in the hotsprings
4. When Kristen asked Sam and Brooklyn to tell me what they liked about me, Brooklyn said, "I like to jump!" and Sam said, "I like your hair!!"
5. When Brandon took Brooklyn on the wakesurf with him
6. Mango Sticky Rice= crack cocaine
7. When Annie would pick up a book and climb up the couch to Ben to have him read to her
8. Church in the (freezing) barn with the horses
9. The calm, relaxing goodness of laying on the dock and soaking up the sun
10. playing Speed! tiebreaker!
11. don't you know that you're toxic?... ice cream
12. Ben & I sharing a twin bed all week
13. and of course, Lithium cures all

Our first trip to hot springs! Fun times!

Ben and I were totally jealous of his cute pjs. And we were also jealous of how cute he is :)

Good times at the lake...

I love her huge blue eyes. And how she and b Paul sat on the beach for hours...

Sam making his diesel 10 face :)


Joy rides on the boat

"black glass"

Like father like son...

Their yearly sugar intake

My eleventeen year old look

Brandon opening bday presents! (Brooklyn painted the wrapping paper)

It was a very lovely time. There is nothing like a nice vacation with the family at a place we all love. Our cabin was finished the year I was born... so I have been going since I was born. I will always love that place!! It's amazing.

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