museum & ben day

We realized Monday was our last free day together. Free having multiple meanings... since all we can afford is free. Ben started an internship today, so yesterday we decided to take advantage of our last full and blissful day together. It's been rare to be able to spend our first four months of marriage with each other for every waking moment. I have loved every bit of it. I am also happy for September because the weather has been cooling down so walks are more pleasant and we don't have to use air conditioning as much :) (Since I'm all about conserving...)

This scene of us sitting at the bus stop has been a very frequent occurrence since we moved to Scott Street.
We went to the Air & Space Museum (one of many Smithsonian museums). And I had the best tour guide ever... Benjamin.
"If you put your nose to the window... that is what it's like to be in space" :) (Ask Ben about it sometime.)

Apollo 13... heard of it?
Freeze dried Neopolitan ice cream. It's the food of astronauts.
My first try of the freeze dried ice cream confirmed the fact that I still love anything that resembles ice cream.
Ben is in fact taller than our nation's capitol.
The Hope Diamond (at the Natural History museum, another Smithsonian). My camera turned it green... I like it better than blue. :)
I was a little behind Ben and when I turned the corner I saw this. It made me laugh.
We then ventured to U street and went to Ben's Chili Bowl. It's a pretty fun experience, although I am not the biggest chili lover. I'm all about trying new things and Ben really wanted to go. He had only ever been there once. I think a big part of why he really loves it is because of its name. :)
The sign says, "List of who eats free at Ben's: Bill Cosby. NO ONE ELSE." Love it.

We also got to read all about the history of Ben's Chili Bowl. Bill Cosby is a big reason why Ben's is still open... that must be why he eats free :) It's been open for 50 years, surviving a lot of hard times. It's quite the "historical gem" if you will.
I was really happy for our day out. It was amazing and fun fun fun as always. I love my Ben :)

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