my favorite color is rainbow?

In an effort to bring back my younger days of the co-op, camel's back park, braids and tie-dye (and perhaps the desire to increase my inner hippie)... Ben and I decided to do tie-dye last week. I was so excited to turn some of my old and boring shirts into something new and exciting, as well as get cheap tourist shirts sold at nearly every metro stop. We started the tie-dye late on Friday and so we went the distance and stayed up way passed our bedtime (around 1:45am) in order to wash out the dye. We were especially excited to sport our "political" t-shirts to a wonderful group gathering held at Katie's house. At least I feel temporarily like I have new shirts to sport... revitalizing my closet if you will. I also thought a lot about my sisters and Si while in the process. I know we all have a special place in our hearts for the art of the tie and dye. But really, it's an art all the foxes possess. ;) Love you all.
Pink and greening a $2 find from Good Will.

Additionally, I have recently been tagged in a little quiz thinger. I don't really know what that means... but Bybes tagged me--- and it was only after I figured out who "Emily M" was that she meant me.
Tagged by Bybessss: "One Word......."
1. Where is your cell phone?... pocket
2. Your hair?... short :P
3. Your significant other?... big&beautiful
4. Your mother?... petite
5. Your father?... hardworking
6. Your favorite thing?... cheese
7. Your dream last night?... nightmare
8. Your favorite drink?... boba
9. Your dream/goal?... help peoples
10. The room you're in?... living room
11. Your child(ren)?... yyikes
12. Your fear?... aging
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?... italy
14. Where were you last night?... on the potomac
15. What you're not?... employed
16. Muffins, blueberry or poppy?... blueberry
17. One of your wish list items?... shirts
18. Where you grew up?... utah
19. What you read last?... GRE prep book
20. What are you wearing?... sweater
21. Your TV?... black
22. Your pets?... none
23. Your computer?... apple
24. Your life?... lovely
25. Your mood?... hopeful
26. Missing someone?... my fam
27. Your car?... passat
28. Something you're not wearing?... shoes
29. Favorite Store?... the rack
30. Your summer?... hot!
31. Like someone?... my husband
32. Your favorite color?... green
33. Last time you laughed?... just barely
34. Last time you cried?... not sure?
and i'm probably not going to tag anyone? how do I tag? you're it!

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