september 11th jaunt


I had completely forgotten yesterday was September 11th until I took the bus to the Pentagon City metro (which drives by the Pentagon) and there were policepeople and police cars lining the hills and streets. The dedication for the new Pentagon memorial was taking place as the 16G bus drove by. I was then almost late (to my 1,000th job interview) because a hoard of people boarded the metro at the Pentagon stop. I wish we could've gone to the dedication, but I think only very important, political, pretty people were invited. We even tried to drive by it later yesterday, but one can only drive so close to the Pentagon without being asked to turn around.

Instead (and gratefully), Ben and I met Buddy and Erica at our previously planned spot, the Smithsonian metro. It's been nice and cloudy lately so the usual insta-shirt-sticking-to-one's-back didn't occur so easily last night. Firstly, we leisurely walked to the fisherman's wharf, which smelled... like... fish.

We looked at the crabs... the two in the back were waving. We all decided seafood is really expensive and opted out of purchasing crab cakes or "crab balls," mostly because of our communal unemployed states.

We saw the pretty and expensive boats...

We (me, Erica, Buddy) stood by the flag to feel a bit more patriotic.

We then walked the beautiful path along the Potomac river to the Jefferson and FDR memorials.
The White House peeeeeking

big cheesy smile (on my part)

I love this because it shows how close the planes are, flying into National Airport...

Smiles for FDR :)

We finished by walking passed the WWII memorial, Lincoln memorial, across Memorial Bridge (feeling like the planes flying overhead were going to hit us) to the Arlington Cemetery metro where we went our separate ways on the blue line. It was a lot of fun and the perfect evening for a walk! I think it's safe to say... I am growing fond of the D.C.

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