beaker was my favorite

Yesterday, we went to a Jim Henson exhibit at the International Smithsonian museum. I'm really glad we went--- since its last day on exhibit is today. There was no photography allowed (unfortunately) but it was fascinating to see his initial sketches of Beaker & Bunsen Honeydew, Bert & Ernie. There was also some original puppets on display (sadly no Beaker) but of course, Kermit. Henson made Kermit out of his mother's spring coat and made his eyes of ping pong balls. I know for me, that makes Kermit that much cooler! There were a ton of people at this small exhibit--- it was fun seeing everyone reliving their childhood.
We then went to the sculpture garden and put our feet in the water, ate an apple. Highly recommended :)


Since I couldn't post a you tube video, here's a link to a good Henson memory.

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