a few fall favorites

The following aren't just fall favorites, but DC favorites. An alliteration for the title seemed like a clever thing to do. The building in which I work is located on Pennsylvania Avenue... quite close to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The White House.

Lafayette Square: evidence it was fall for about a week. (Now it feels like winter) When it was slightly warmer (the first week of my new job) I would sit and eat lunch here and watch any demonstration going on across the street, just outside the White House fence.

One of the days last week, I went to Chinatown on my lunch break. I love the Chinatown gate. Unfortunately, Ben and I have yet to really discover Chinatown. But we will. We're excited to find that one Chinese restaurant that's always good for take-out.
This is definitely a forever favorite. This is the exit from the Gallery Place-Chinatown metro to 7th and H street. I probably just like it for its bright lights. But I think it's awesome. It sets the mood for entering Chinatown.

Last night I experienced something new, not necessarily a favorite, but an interesting opportunity for an anthropologist such as myself :) Each year around Halloween there is a drag queen high heel race near Dupont Circle. Unfortunately, due to the high influx of people and cars, we didn't find a place to park in time to actually see the race. We will have to see it next year. Men, dressed as women, racing in high heels for a city block. You can see it, right? So, we didn't see the race, but we did get photos with some of our favorite queens.
This is a Sarah Palin look alike. I can see it, can you? the high heel trophythis queen was my favorite
this was a headdress of one of the contestants. HEAVY. they were saying "we're hollywood dahling, we're hollywood..."
We didn't stay for long, because it was cold. Ben got a shot of mine and Katie's matching 600 feather count coats. It was a fun time... like I said, an interesting experience :) "We're not in Utah anymore..."

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