iwo jima & arlington cemetery

Within the last week or so, we've enjoyed a couple more of the DC memorials which are extremely close to our apartment. We first tried to go to Arlington Cemetery, but it was closed (so we went later)--- a lot of free things close around 5 or 5:30. The only downside to something being free. So we walked to the US Marine Memorial a.k.a. the Iwo Jima memorial. The path was right in between the cemetery fence and the freeway. a little scary and I made a mental note: don't bring small children on this path.

the view from the path

This is the back view of the Iwo Jima--- I think it's cool seeing all the hands reaching for the flag. The memorial was adapted from a photo taken of Marines on Iwo Jima.

the front view

these flowers are fuzzy, so i wanted to touch them

this is the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington Cemetery.

I think these graves are beautiful--- the way they are set up and all equal.
who can spot the air force memorial? :)

a beautiful view behind us--- we were at the Custis-Lee mansion

Arlington house a.k.a. the Custis-Lee mansion

As Shayna would say, it's like we're living history--- being able to see all these historic sites and memorials :) We love it.

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