unavoidable changes

recently, I got a new phone. and a new number. the first thing I thought of was how Carrie Bradshaw must've felt when she had to give up her old Manhattan area code. I'm sad. I went through four phones and actually, four years with my old number. who knows how many phone calls I went through? and texts? far too many, I'm sure. especially in the "foxes" years. ;)
I told Shayna I felt like a part of me had died. it's weird how I get attached to certain things like my phone number or cars... like when my green Honda got smashed, I didn't care I was hurt and had whiplash, I cared about the car! (and Brasil really is a big country, I'm sure Si would confirm that.) but I know I'm not the only person who gets attached to nonsensical, inanimate and intangible things... maybe somehow I felt like my phone number defined me. it was 4.3.5. not 8.0.1. and now? well maybe it'll be good for me to have a new number in my new stage in life. at least I wasn't really attached to any of the phones. I like my new phone.

as much as I'd like to avoid it, I feel like images define people. meaning--- the way you look and present yourself, the clothes you're wearing, your gender, hair, skin, height, weight. in general, people will make (usually quick) judgments and assumptions about who you are because of these things. Unavoidable. and sometimes it's not necessarily a bad thing. it's like when I see a girl in the metro with dreads. "Oooo, I want those." or I see hundreds of women in their business attire and stilettos and I am BAFFLED. "how can they walk in those all day long?"

but here I am. new phone number Emily. *sigh* maybe it'll get me a job.

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