Ben and I went to the ZOO yesterday: yet another Smithsonian perk... free :) Sadly, we heard on the radio yesterday that Smithsonian is thinking about charging admission for their museums&zoo, because they want to become self-reliant. I would be so sad if they started charging. It would totally change my view on the whole Smithsonian wonderfulness.
We keep picking really good days to go out and about. Yesterday was perfect jacket weather and since the summer is over, the District isn't rampant with tourists. I think going to the zoo is such a fun thing, for all ages. Especially when one can just walk around leisurely and not have to worry about spending money.

A little panda bum and a little taste of China.

Red panda. Who knew?

Yes, I look pasted into this photo.

These lion monkey thingers are so cool looking. I remember them at the Hogle Zoo.

This prairie dog was so funny. When we walked up to its cage it just came and stood like this right up against the glass. The ONLY animal that would do that.
So Ben got even closer.

The closest I will ever be to a chipmunk.

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