confidence in the kitchen

i started an additional blog... just for cooking and baking fun! i plan to always post at least one picture and the recipe. so check back every few days or once a week for some fun ideas :)
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confidence in the kitchen


a few things one might see in dc

I am really getting to the point where I truly appreciate our nation's capitol. I love it here. We've had a nice past couple of weeks. And it's amazing how a place can grow on you so quickly.

this made me laugh... and little scared for those window washers.

Today was the conference/meeting thinger for the G20 countries (the world's 20 wealthiest countries). We got to see a lot of motorcades drive by, even the President's! Well and Italy's prez (Bernasconi). It was all really cool- considering we saw all the action from the Newseum. Yes, it's a museum all about news. I loved it. Especially being a member of a popular news publication :)
China's prez (Hu Jintao) was at the G20 and so of course this drew out the Free Tibet protesters. I wanted to join them. the flawless capitol view... taken from the NewseumThe Newseum had newspapers on display from the recent election of our president-elect. I took this picture and posted it for my Hawaiibornandraised Si :)
All of us in front of the capitol. (I'm the short one on the right.)
it was windy :P
parts of the Berlin wall
The glass elevators were huge. I took this from the other side of the elevator.the cable from the top of one of the twin towers. and front pages from september 12th, 2001
"what is news?"
i rearrrrry loved the building. it was beautiful.
i want a puppy too! but mostly i just want this wonderful family in the WH. this was on display with all the other WH puppies with the former presidents.
i love any world map... but this one was different than i've ever seen.
green is "free"
yellow is "partly free"
red is "not free"


the happiest six months

november 10th. it has been exactly six months since ben and i were married in provo. and what a beautiful day may 10th was. i still can't get over how perfect it was--- and how it couldn't have been better.

the last six months have been nothing short of wonderful, adventurous and difficult. graduating, moving and driving across the country is not an easy feat. we still see u-hauls to this day and shutter. the other difficult thing... oh yeah. jobs. :P never have i felt so deceived as when i realized having a college degree doesn't immediately sell you to the job market.
ben is my favorite husband ever. he assures me daily that i am capable, smart, beautiful and not crazy. ben is completely selfless and willing to indulge my obsession with trader joe's and more recently, cupcakes. i need my cuddle time and i want nothing more for ben to be happy. i love to giggle and chat and enjoy every moment together. I LOVE YOU

today: ben picked me up from work at 12:15 and we drove to georgetown to brave the perpetually bad parking problem and eat lunch to celebrate the happy six month mark. we originally wanted to have sushi today, but due to the lack of reasonably priced options as well as the lack of restaurants that are actually open today (the silly Euro mentality), we decided to try pizzeria paradiso. the zagat food rating is a 24/30. not bad. we ordered bread (so much for free bread) but it was well worth it to eat with the free 1/2 bottle of olive oil we consumed. ben had the sicilian pizza and i had the margherita with prosciutto. it was good. not italy. but really good. we've come to grips with the fact that no pizza is santa lucia pizza. and we're ok with that.


black socks, they never get dirty

I was the guinea pig at work today... since I am in the DC office near the National Press Club (most workers from my company came from NYC today), I was asked to bring as many extra magazines as I could for the luncheon/panel to give to guests. I was also asked to "dress the part" as my boss put it. To me, "dressing the part" means going out of my way to look really good. So I wore stilettos, which is not a regular occurrence for my flip-flop immune feet. Walking the four blocks to the NPC was the longest four blocks of my life, in stilettos, sweating bullets and carrying a box full of 100+ magazines. After the first block, someone asked me if I'd like help with the box--- but if you know me well enough, you know I refused.
I'm a woman. I can handle this.

The luncheon was fun, I was able to sit down a lot. But immediately after it was over and I was free to go, I walked the 100 feet to Filene's Basement and I bought a pair of black socks. I took my beautiful black stilettos off and walked back to my office, magazine free: in black socks. My feet have never been so relieved.


halloween: you know the drill

I quite enjoyed Halloween this year. At least I didn't have to force Ben into pumpkin carving like I did last year. :) We got pumpkins at our favorite store (Trader Joe's) and we carved them on October 30th, while watching the classic, "Young Frankenstein." Then on Halloween we dressed like a famous couple: easy to mimic and at no extra cost. After making an appearance at a dinner party, I wasn't feeling too awesome (sick, sick) and so we called the night a little early and watched, "Sleepy Hallow," a good Halloween watch. It was a fun time!!

I love how the innards of the pumpkin look like spider webs.
This is my work of art... Ben said, "Is that Igor?"Igor and Jack PumpkinheadVictoria & David Beckham... in the England days.
I loved Ben's faux hawk... very David :)