black socks, they never get dirty

I was the guinea pig at work today... since I am in the DC office near the National Press Club (most workers from my company came from NYC today), I was asked to bring as many extra magazines as I could for the luncheon/panel to give to guests. I was also asked to "dress the part" as my boss put it. To me, "dressing the part" means going out of my way to look really good. So I wore stilettos, which is not a regular occurrence for my flip-flop immune feet. Walking the four blocks to the NPC was the longest four blocks of my life, in stilettos, sweating bullets and carrying a box full of 100+ magazines. After the first block, someone asked me if I'd like help with the box--- but if you know me well enough, you know I refused.
I'm a woman. I can handle this.

The luncheon was fun, I was able to sit down a lot. But immediately after it was over and I was free to go, I walked the 100 feet to Filene's Basement and I bought a pair of black socks. I took my beautiful black stilettos off and walked back to my office, magazine free: in black socks. My feet have never been so relieved.

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