a few things one might see in dc

I am really getting to the point where I truly appreciate our nation's capitol. I love it here. We've had a nice past couple of weeks. And it's amazing how a place can grow on you so quickly.

this made me laugh... and little scared for those window washers.

Today was the conference/meeting thinger for the G20 countries (the world's 20 wealthiest countries). We got to see a lot of motorcades drive by, even the President's! Well and Italy's prez (Bernasconi). It was all really cool- considering we saw all the action from the Newseum. Yes, it's a museum all about news. I loved it. Especially being a member of a popular news publication :)
China's prez (Hu Jintao) was at the G20 and so of course this drew out the Free Tibet protesters. I wanted to join them. the flawless capitol view... taken from the NewseumThe Newseum had newspapers on display from the recent election of our president-elect. I took this picture and posted it for my Hawaiibornandraised Si :)
All of us in front of the capitol. (I'm the short one on the right.)
it was windy :P
parts of the Berlin wall
The glass elevators were huge. I took this from the other side of the elevator.the cable from the top of one of the twin towers. and front pages from september 12th, 2001
"what is news?"
i rearrrrry loved the building. it was beautiful.
i want a puppy too! but mostly i just want this wonderful family in the WH. this was on display with all the other WH puppies with the former presidents.
i love any world map... but this one was different than i've ever seen.
green is "free"
yellow is "partly free"
red is "not free"

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