halloween: you know the drill

I quite enjoyed Halloween this year. At least I didn't have to force Ben into pumpkin carving like I did last year. :) We got pumpkins at our favorite store (Trader Joe's) and we carved them on October 30th, while watching the classic, "Young Frankenstein." Then on Halloween we dressed like a famous couple: easy to mimic and at no extra cost. After making an appearance at a dinner party, I wasn't feeling too awesome (sick, sick) and so we called the night a little early and watched, "Sleepy Hallow," a good Halloween watch. It was a fun time!!

I love how the innards of the pumpkin look like spider webs.
This is my work of art... Ben said, "Is that Igor?"Igor and Jack PumpkinheadVictoria & David Beckham... in the England days.
I loved Ben's faux hawk... very David :)

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