o christmas tree!

last week on wednesday, ben picked me up from the metro after work so we could go to home depot to get a christmas tree. a "natural" christmas tree. it was cold and exciting to pick out our first christmas tree together.
which one to choose? douglas was about $10 less than fraser... so douglas it is!

luckily we were able to put down the back seats in our passat and drive home without the fear of the trunk (of the tree) being torn off. the smell of the pine made me instantly nostalgic for my childhood, especially the times my family would go into the woods, pick out and cut down our own tree. we had the "subhuman" (suburban) back then, which could handle just about anything, including 5 hyperactive children. ...and then i thought, "am i old enough to be thinking nostalgically about my childhood?"

a homemade centerpiece from the lower branches of the tree
our first virginia snow!! (see how happy we are??)

my mom has a massive amount of white lights for cmas trees, so i snagged a couple boxes (with her permission) before we left saint george. whatever poor newlyweds can do to cut on costs is grrrreat! making the tree look perfect with its somewhat unruly branches was an adventure, but very worthwhile.
we spent the next few days putting presents under the tree and making sure all the ornaments had hooks. friday night we watched "elf" and we became inspired--- so we made paper snowflakes and decorated glass ornaments with glue and glitter. i'm pretty sure i was much better at making ornaments when i was young and my hands were nimble. perhaps it was the glue's fault.
who's obsessed with snowbird?! ben!!!

we decided last week that today ben would meet me after work (since i work extremely close to the white house) and we would visit the national christmas tree.

so i think it's amazing this is a real tree--- that is always around and i haven't noticed it until now. it's huge-mungous!!
it was cold
there was a tree for each state or commonwealth. for the commonwealth of virginia, there was this stained glass heart on the tree. i figured it was there because virginia IS for lovers :)

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