tea and snowboarding

Our Christmas vacation has been very lovely so far. Well... aside from the 16 hour trip from DC to SLC... where we were delayed 5 hours, I was forced to check my bag, which resulted in waiting for it to come to SLC (an additional one and a half hours) and then getting home to Provo at 2:30am. Thanks again, Linda and Dave!!

Saturday, the 20th we all went to tea at the Grand. It was fabulous.
Katie, me and Christina waiting for tea.
The beautiful China and my raspberry tea. AMAZING.
This amazing flower that took 15 minutes to open once our server poured boiling water on it. It fascinated me. (Ben took this.)
Us and baby Zach... he really was happy to be with us, I swear.
All of us...
We had a lovely time. I loved the raspberry tea, the cute tea sandwiches and the pastries for dessert. Of course, being with the fam was a grand ol' time. Oh, and I love to dress up!

Monday and Tuesday, Ben and I were lucky enough to brave the amazing Snowbird slopes and snowboard!! I must admit, I was feeling nervous that it wouldn't snow too much before we got to Utah... but we were so fortunate! POWDER!!!

My very cute mountain man husband.
Me with my ginger board. I love her.
See how the cables from the tram disappear... yes, visibility was scarce :P
See how we are frozen? Literally. Snowboarding was COLD. FRIGID. FROZEN. But so, so worth it. Watch the below video of Ben in 'd' powder. ...funfun...

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