this christmas

Needless to say, my first married Christmas was lovely. There was an abundance of love, family and food which insures I am very happy. I like to believe Christmas lasts for at least a week. But why not spread Christmas cheer, all year?
Christmas Eve... shrimp dipping.
It was obvious we were excited.
After dinner, we all gathered for songs and chats. I love how classic this photo is: Zach, in the middle. Everyone looking his direction :)
Linda beat us to it--- we really were planning on buying matching pj pants for Christmas. But Linda handmade some!!
The beautiful tree and the soon-to-be-discovered radio flyer.
"car, car, car..."
I loved it when Zach would get on the floor and play with his cars. It cracked me up.
Car discussions.
3 generations.

Christmas vacation has been blissful and loverly, lovely. I love family time and enjoying the snow.

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