trader joe's heaven & christmas party

friday, Ben and I celebrated our one-year-since-we-got-engaged! we drove to far, far nw DC and parked, since there is parking that far out on a friday night. we went to our newest favorite sushi place, where the prices are low and only the beatles play on shuffle. it was fabulous.
our little rosslyn
we then went to visit the largest trader joe's we've ever been to. since it's huge there are so many things on sale there, that we haven't even seen them at our regular tj's location.
needless to say, it didn't hurt but HELPED my not-so-secret desire to live in the District. probably just so i can live across the street from the wonderful grocery store. a dream come true.
i love DC.

friday, we also visited a Korean-French bakery in Annandale, VA. we both got little cake thingys, ben got strawberry and I got mango. we shared a smoothie with "bubbers" and had a lovery time.
last night, we drove all the way to Maryland (heehehe) to my work Christmas party. talking to all my elitist-christmas-sweater-wearing coworkers, I wondered how my life would be different if I had grown up on the east coast. someone said last night, so many people leave the east to move to Utah to "have the fresh air" and why would we want to move here? change can be good.
I also loved speaking with the people about Utah, who are so blown away by Zion, Bryce Canyon and the wonderful ski resorts N. Utah has to offer. It was a lovely time and I won't drop any names... but the hosts of the party had a beautiful home and I so wanted to take pictures... but of course I didn't want to say, "can i take some photos of your house and post them online??" i have a feeling that wouldn't go over so well.

this beautiful building is union station. we drove by it on our way to the party.

i love parties. i love trader joe's.
i love christmas. and i love snow in the mountains! i can't wait for all that.

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