our cute, crowded inauguration celebrations

the inaugural weekend of our new president, Barack Obama, was very well attended, not just by many out-of-towners but by our friends and family.
Ben's parents and brother came--- as well as Ben's two cousins (the family gathering included, Ben's sister who lives in the area). our friends, Kevin, Si and Tony all came as well. our inaug weekend began on sunday afternoon when Ben and I went into the district and pushed through the crowds for the free concert. everyone was there, even u2. many celebrities spoke and some sang, my top three were probably u2, mary j. blige & garth brooks--- not because they are necessarily my favorite artists but because of the songs they sang. i was feeling a lot of u.s.american pride and a lot of love for people and my country.

concert at the Lincoln memorial

monday we enjoyed the museums, memorials and monuments and the hoards of people. S, T and I might've been spotted waving on msnbc, since they had a news booth on the national mall.


tuesday brought some sunshine. we heard there were buses taking people straight into the district, which seemed like the wisest option since the trains would be packed and walking would've been unpleasant in multiple ways. we all split up once we got to the mall, since all our tickets were in different sections. all of us survived the ridiculously unorganized lines and gates entering the blue, purple and silver sections. Ben and I didn't actually make it into the purple section, instead we sat on cold marble somewhere in between the purple and silver sections.
Linda and Katie were brilliant and made red beanies for all of us, with blue & white pompoms. (it was because of this, we were spotted on the abc podcast of Obama's speech, with our "where's waldo" hats.) IT WAS SO COLD.

I was loving Ben's hair...
and their cute matchy hair :)
we were... kinda close :)
brrrrrr. marble is cold on my bum
a few people came
the front of the capitol where the Obamas and Bidens waved as the Bush heli left

i know many do not share my same feelings for our 44th president, Barack H Obama and I have no intention of offending anyone. but... i am very happy and excited to be a part of the new era of leadership that has come to be. i truly believe President Obama when he talks about how we must all work together in order to revitalize our country and economy. i also agree with many things he plans to do, especially concerning certain foreign matters. i think that President Obama is a man with a healthy set of values and morals and he loves his family. these things are important to me--- in my own life. no one truly knows what the future will bring, but i have HOPE that things will go well for our people and our country if we all work together. we must turn over a new leaf and keep our new year's resolutions. save money. keep healthy. develop good habits to help maintain our planet. help those who cannot otherwise help themselves. love everyone.

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