sister time

last week, when i was still in utah, i got to have some sister time. ben and i drove to salt lake city to kristen's house to have yummy curry made by shayna and to talk about our 2009 hopes and dreams and also our dismays. ben and i were able to spend some time with the little ones, probably some of two favorite blondes in the whole world :)
on a side note, kristen really described her children perfectly in her christmas letter. i got the letter just after i got home from utah and it made me a little teary eyed.

i guess i feel a closeness to my sisters and nieces and nephews and my all-emcompassing family that i haven't felt... maybe ever. one learns to love and appreciate people more when time together is limited, i feel. i think my sisters are pretty.
and i know that even though i may not be as smart, beautiful or talented as they are: i am grateful for the friendship and sisterhood i have with them. they have really set the standard high in my eyes and i will do my utmost to prove my coolness :)
even though ben and i have lived where we do for about 7 months, it seems like ages since we were in utah. the weird thing is, ben and i never actually lived together in utah. we.ird.

i love my sisters (and i miss you!!). and i'm so glad we were able to at least spend some moments together. i hope we can get together when the cherry blossoms are in bloom :)

p.s. kristen, we have an extra bedroom whenever you need any extra space ;)

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