sometimes i miss my long hair

recently, one of my best friends cut off a whole lot of her hair and donated it. it got me thinking... and i was telling my friends about how...
when i got my hair cut, in may, i was totally traumatized. the biggest problem, which shouldn't have been a problem, was the fact that i let an italian man cut my hair--- who had cut it once before and done a really good job.
the difference was: this time i didn't have a native italian speaker with me, translating. it was my husband and i trying to piece what we knew together to form some sort of style i would like done to my hair. my hair was the longest it had ever been. and when the stylists were finished with me, i felt ugly and emotional. and well... there was nothing i could do about it.

half way--- when the braid had been cut off

being that it was our honeymoon, my husband was very kind and never once said i looked bad. the relieving thing was, i got to donate my hair. i always heard of people doing it and i would think it was so amazing someone could give up all that hair. so, i didn't donate my hair out of initial good will, but out of utmost happiness that losing my hair: wasn't a total loss.

now, almost seven months later, my hair is the length i originally wanted it to be, when i got it cut. linds (my friend who just cut her hair) was saying how hair represents femininity, et cetera. maybe that's why i felt so robbed--- robbed of my femininity?
i feel sad sometimes when i look at old pictures (especially wedding photos)... but i am also very glad for the experience :P
http://www.locksoflove.org/this is what shock and dismay looks like

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