st. george open house (long overdue)

ben and i got our st. george open house photos over thanksgiving, but for some reason i waited until now to post a few highlights! thanks again mom and dad for letting us use your wonderful home to host the final P family wedding celebration! it was a big hit and it meant a lot to us.
i do love little san george.

a nice provo rendition
recent honeymoon experts
sunny june in sunny san george
our lovely pairs of parents
all 'd' p fam... (except: we missed you, eric...)
at least the kids were honest about how they felt
surrounded by a sea of gorgeous green
rico suaves at their best
thanks so much gma and royce for coming! we love you!
cousin hugs
never better
oh... a candy BAR...
probably contemplating all that i learned in this cute little place :)

thanks again, everyone for all you did for us!! you made it all possible.

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