your blog is better than my blog

sometimes when i read others' blogs, i feel a little sad because i feel like mine could be so much cooler. but i do my best--- i really do. i guess i am just a "square" just as our little title suggests. i have become such a "we" and "our" person. well, it's because i love my husband and i've learned the importance of the team thing.
i only wish i could say clever things on my blog like, "You can't be friends with a squirrel! A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit." Ok... I realize that quote wasn't really applicable but I only hope that someday I will have such a quick wit as Carrie Bradshaw did... who is in fact a fictional character :P

i can always start from the beginning i guess

things i like about life:
-my husband
-girl talk
-trader joe's (namely, the foggy bottom location)
-learning to knit
-relearning to tie-dye
-contemplating the future and life post GRE, LSAT and grad school applications
-primary children
-tv shows on dvd
-people who are funny
-cuddle time

things i like about dc:
-trader joe's
-georgetown cupcake
-discovering new restuarants
-discovering new bakeries and dessert places
-hearing sirens 10 times a day and wondering if it's President Obama's motorcade
-pretty pictures
-taking photos
-the metro
(photo: courtesy of dcist.com)
-watching people
-walking by the white house, no biggie
-people who "just don't care"
-people who give up their seat in the train
-nice people
-wondering when we'll go to kotobuki sushi again
-wanting to be a 30 day champion at mr. yogato
-in the morning, taking the 17th street exit of farragut west. in the evening, entering at 18th street
-discovering yet another smithsonian museum
-the monuments/memorials

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