bukigato: the best lunch date ever

i'm taking the GRE tomorrow. it determines a lot for me. no biggie.
as a slow-down-you're-moving-too-fast---free-your-mind sort of lunch break, ben came and picked me up for an amazing lunchy-lunch. we went way beyond georgetown to the palisades area to Kotobuki Sushi for the second time. I was definitely in the mood for some good yummy foods. and that's what i got.
the cute army of sushi chefs greet you as you walk in... and they must be extremely nimble with their hands because the sushi comes to your table before you can say "kotobuki." we ordered miso. a philly roll a.k.a. salmon and cream cheese roll. an eel roll. a shrimp tempura roll with those little egg thingers: yummy. and a tuna roll. we were full up in no time, humming in glee as we ate.

we then took the back roads (no thanks, M street) and drove passed a lot of pretty houses and Georgetown medical school. then Embassy row: with all the pretty flags, some easier to guess than others. then Dupont--- which is about as ridiculous as M street. but we made it to Mr. Yogato. and i ordered a middle, original soft with strawberries and balsamic vinegar.
that yogato was the best yogato in the history of frogato yogatosnot my finest moment. it was windy.you know what i look like, so it's ok my face was cut off.

we had so much fun!! thanks ben!! i love-a you.

quote of the lunch (after driving along embassy row and talking about all the different flags):
"i know how italy got the colors for their flag." -me
"how?" -ben
"tomato, mozzarella, basil." -me
"do you want to blog about that or should i?" -ben

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