il giorno di san valentino

I hope all had a lovely day of celebrating lovers. Here's a little DC love.
Photo by M.V. Jantzen

According to Vogue, there are 7 things to fall for in February:
1. a leading man. done.
2. a seductive hideaway. does far NW DC count?
3. a love triangle. no thanks! unless it's a triangle between me, ben and trader joe's.
4. a new favorite. lately it's been blood oranges this and blood oranges that. they are in season, you know.
5. a long distance affair. since we moved from Utah, i've been having an affair with thoughts of the Wasatch mountains and snowboarding.
6. a dazzling sight. i am forever enthralled with photography and the people behind the cameras. but there is nothing like seeing our nation's capitol each day.
7. a tale of romance. i am always up for a good story or a good novel. even when i'm reading a book without an intentional romance, i always try to find one for my personal indulgence.

Ben got me green ruffley roses (I can't remember their actual name). I love them. They are the some of the same flowers I had in my bridal bouquet.
"Excuse me: I actually ordered the large. HELLO!!"
True love looks like Persian food on Vday. We wanted something inexpensive without a wait. It was really good. Try Moby Dick when you can.
mmm I heart lamb.
Then we had this delicious cake for dessert. Seconds please :)

I felt very happy and grateful to be able to spend il giorno di San Valentino with my Benjamin. I realized (more than ever) there is no one in the world I wanted to spend that day (or any day) with more. You are the best, bebba.

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