oops, i broke it

please do not deny me my right of being a little accident prone.

i once broke a decorative plate at my grandma's, simply because i was walking by. sam was there, at a very terrible-twos-toddler age and i could have easily blamed it on him. but i didn't. and i haven't been able to look my gma in the eye since (well... that may be a hyperbole).
but then when ben and i were engaged i was doing the dishes at my then-soon-to-be-in-law's and i dropped and broke a plate. i burst into tears and linda was nice enough to say, "at least it was a dirty plate."

then a couple months ago i was getting something from the shelf and knocked over an imported glass bottle of fish sauce. shattered (like i said, imported). fish sauce is probably the worst thing to have shatter in your house. but ben was a good sport, even though he got cut in the clean up. we're stickin' to the plastic bottles of fish sauce from now on.

oh wait, there's more.
we got a beautiful handmade ceramic plate for our wedding. and i knocked it over. not onto a pile of pillows... but the tile floor.

last night i was getting something outa the shelf. and a ramekin tumbled to the floor. so i was upset. as usual. but it wasn't that special.

then i was cutting some [frozen] butter and. i. broke. a. knife.

i guess i dunno my own strength...
but i think i made up for it by making this lime pie for the lover of my life. congrats on completing the LSAT baby honey sugah pie!!!! it's over!!

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