our president's day: gettysburg

we trekked to Gettysburg for our day off. we thought it appropriate to visit such a historical site for President's day. it's only about an hour and a half away and we even hit some traffic on the way home. we were in three different states yesterday! it's so cool how the Eastern states are so close together. it makes me laugh sometimes.

these yummy of all yummy tummie treats make me laugh too
we felt very welcome
can't you see the resemblance?
i liked Ben's Lincoln face better.
a look out from a cannon
the Virginia memorial with General Lee on top.
windy watchtower
it was really pretty. even in the dead of winter. it was worth it--- to avoid the crowds of summer.
reading to Ben about the Twentieth Maine Regiment.
gotta love self-timer
the Devil's Den--- i loved these big boulders
the Pennsylvania memorial.
Ben said, "why is it so much bigger than the rest??"
I whispered, "we're in Pennsylvania."

we had a really fun time and we are glad we went. we read the Gettysburg address, just as we finished the "auto tour" where Pickett's charge took place (Pickett's charge is what ended the battle at Gettysburg). In the Gettysburg address, Lincoln said the battle would not be remembered, but little did he know, the entire battlefield would become a National Park and people would come from far away places to tour this battle memorial.

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