there's even a secret menu

a non eventful week. but a few highlights:
well, it's mr. yogato of course. with mochi!!! ahhhh!! so good!!!
my admission to ben: sometimes i get nervous when we go [to yogato] because i keep thinking, 'this is so cool.'
and there's a secret menu of 37 toppings. it's our new quest to figure it out.

we made some taco salads for lunch and used this new cilantro dressing we got at T.J.'s. there's a sticker on the bottle that says, "must be refrigerated at all times."
and so I said, "how are you supposed to use it?"
ben replied, "you put it on when you're in the refrigerator."

these little English daffodils from t.j.'s also made me happy. you buy them in a bunch for about $1.20 and then you just put them in water and they brighten your grey day :)

goodbye febtober!! until next time :)

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