the deep chrome canyons of manhattan

we went to new york again this weekend! it was so lovely --- literally. minus the traffic we hit on the way there (it turned into a 6 hour bus ride instead of the standard 4 1/2...). saturday was the most beautiful day!! not too hot... not too cold. ben and i counted and we [ben, brandon and i] walked approximately 90 blocks yesterday. it seems like a lot... but if you're walking the north and south direction the blocks are much shorter. and well--- it's just kind of the new york way: walk! i heart new york and i feel a little tempted to pick up and move there sometimes. but then when we return to dc, i just feel a lot of love for this place. our home. our first home together. and it's just so great to live here. *sigh* i love it all :)
the joy of an early lunch: escaping the long line at the shake-a shack.
thank you sunshine!!
ben loves shake shack for the shack stack. but for me, it's the hopskotch. [thanks si... i will always think of you!!]
all mine. well. i shared. i really did.st patrick'sthere's nothing like a reflection of stained glass on the floor... at least for me :)testing out the equipment at apple. i love standing on love with my love...?doing the "touristy" pose.we had to try a couple magnolia cupcakes, just to make sure that georgetown is for sure the best. hands down. no competition. georgetown: i am loyal forever.but the banana pudding was totally amazing. rearrry. thanks for that, magnolia. my favorite color is rainbow? [the nbc experience store]you know if those were peanut butter m&m's... we'd have a problemthe lion made some birdy friends (the nyc public liberry)
this lady reminded me of the "purple librarian" lady at the boise public library when i was little. she would wear everything purple, from her make up- to her hair and i'm pretty sure her skin was turning purple. so basically this is the same lady, just reincarnated and now she loves orange.
creating a wish-list of overpriced souvenirs...

the very purpose of our trip was to see jeff tweedy live. it was ben's (and my) first time. jeff is the lead singer of wilco. and wilco is one of ben's very favorite bands. i quite enjoy wilco (and jeff) myself--- but it was enough for me to just see and listen to how excited ben was. everything jeff said to the audience was comical, but ben laughed extra loud and giddy-ly because he was just too excited :) it was really cute.
thank you clearwater [a hudson river environmental group] and beacon high school (the show was at the high school auditorium)! oh and thanks pete seger too! he's almost 90 and totally awesome!

this morning we left new york and it was cold and rainy... and gloomy... but...
we came back to... SPRING! we anticipate a very sunny & crowded cherry blossom festival.

*this post's title comes from "hummingbird" by: wilco

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