i've been dreaming...

when i say dreaming, i mean daydreaming.

i've been dreaming about georgetown cupcake. i feel the dreaming is justified, because it's my birthday month and i'm allowed to spend several hours dreaming like that.
and i want cupcakes for my birthday.
because it's completely and utterly required that i eat everything that is "bad" for my body on my birthday. but good for my soul (waht waaaaahhhh).
*courtesy of georgetown cupcakethe incessant line... because... well the shop is tiny
i want coconut. lemon berry. key lime. red velvet. chocolate hazelnut. all of them?

i'm so excited. because my sisters are coming to visit!!! and s&a, some of the cutest blondes around!!
i told ben this morning, i am so excited to have them come play (all of them).
and celebrate my birthday.

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