i've gotta catch you up!!

I kind of like to claim the Air Force Memorial and the Pentagon Memorial as "our" memorials. They are both super close to our apt and we like to take people there when they come visit (get ready Kris, Shay, etc).

I like to snap shots when I'm waiting at a stop light...
snowstorms turn to ice, out here where the air is all humid like
so... i finished my first (and only, so far) knitting project a while ago. This is the first shot of the finished product. around Ben's neck :)
we realized there were a few flavors at g. cupcake we hadn't tried. can you believe it?!! and we got the best parking spot in the world. right in front!!! too good to be true!!! must be my birthday month :)
i love you, lincoln (says ben, hehee)

Yep, you guessed it! We went to the temple on Saturday. Even though we've visited the wonderful Washington, D.C. temple quite a few times... I really, really loved it this time. We drove in from the District because we went to see a photography exhibit put on by DCist.
and got some Yogato
. mmmm tasty.

We got to see a much different view of the temple, driving in. It's also kind of crazy how you're driving through busy Washington and then busy Silver Spring, MD and then... it's like rural Maryland, all of a sudden. Anyway. It was awesome.

you know how i heart the stained glass
we got a little crazy with the temple shots. but do you see the moon?!!
yes, a pink tree. or at least it looked that way...
i'm proud of this shot by Ben.
a little detail of the gorgeous door. i heart you, globe.
too much fun :)
so, it was dedicated in 1974. that explains a lot about the awesome stained glass :)

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