life in the big cherry blossom

alan nicknamed our DC, the big cherry blossom. i guess that works well for us... but what about NYC? i don't get the whole, big apple thing :)

ben and i were fortunate enough to have some family come our way the last couple weeks. as you know, kris, sam and annie arrived first and then shayna and alan last week.

shayna and i enjoyed a [rare] sunny afternoon when she arrived on march 18. we toured our apartment, had rice cakes and talked about old times. we took the train, walked through Chinatown. then shopping at H&M. shay and i are sisters and we don't really shop together, so we thought we'd try it. (we even shopped as 3 sisters on thursday & saturday with kris.) then we took the train again, this time to dupont. it's a circle. we walked to... you guessed it... mr. yogato.
i was saying how i didn't really like frozen yogurt so much when i was young. then shay said, "that's because mom used to put herbs in our yogurt!" shocked i said, "what?!!" but then i shortly remembered the taste and the green essence of the herbs.
then people watching. in the circle.

thurs i had to work, but shayna and i got chop't for lunch.

we met up slightly later, just as kristen was rolling back into town from philly-ny-baltimore-dc.

i had never been to the library of congress. it's really pretty. and it's amazing that every book that has even been published in the u.s. is there (thanks kris...). and it was pretty. the mosaics reminded me of italy. and how badly i would love to do that kind of artwork. someday.
train again. to foggy bottom. we tried the georgetown connector bus (my first time) and i asked ben later, why have we never tried it? i thought since we were already in georgetown and we were having the "treats tour" of georgetown, we got cupcakes spontaneously. i love having sister approval on one of my very favorite things.
for dinner: we ate tacos from el charrito. it gets better everytime.

friday, the sisters and sam & annie met me at my office to take a tour and to better envision my day-to-day.
later we made baked mac&cheese. shay, ben and i picked up dairy godmother and we watched, sleeping beauty. i think i was 5 the last time i saw it. good show.
annie blowing on the mac and cheese to cool it down.

saturday- MARCH 21! my birthday!!! we ate crêpes.
we all [seven] got showered and ready and took the bus/train to tenleytown.
p.s. i heart WAMU 88.5
we took a nice stroll (it was a pretty day and all i wanted to do was take a walk) to fort reno. so cool. i loved our little picnic.
i first saw fort reno when i was going the wrong direction on a bus to a job interview. i didn't get that job, but i discovered this unique landmark!
[my head shot]if you can imagine: the sisters and i went shopping again... this time for me, for my birthday. we later had dinner, homemade pizzas and fruit salad!! incredibly delicious. katie and dan joined the party, so it was a nice full house!thanks again for all who came.
thanks ben for surprising me with the shoes i've been lusting after for at least 6 months (and everything else)!
thanks sisters&husbands of sisters for the great clothes & earrings & keychain!
thanks paul&eun&bp&p for the tj's gift card. i love tj's!
thanks brandon&edee&b&a for the nice card!
thanks mom&dad for the pending pony express package!
thanks dave&linda for the wonderful gift and delicious cake!
thanks joe&christina&z for the birthday wishes!
thanks katie for the amazing green scarf!
thanks dan for the beautiful steamer pot!sunday...

annie opened her presents (her bday is 2 days after mine). the kids played "cars" on the wii w/ ben. it's best we kept that secret until the last night :)

we miss you guys! i love you all... come back soon!!!

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