sushi and strawberries

maybe i'm getting a little boring with my posts. but i love this place. and all our little places here. we went to kotobuki sushi again. but it's just because i love it so much... and it was our little "birthday dinner" for me. because it's nice to go out and do those things. and kotobuki is tiny and hidden and i think the sushi chefs and servers sort of know who we are by now. as i've said before, the beatles are only played at this restuarant, which i love. ben asked the lady server (who took our picture) if she ever gets sick of the beatles and she said, "no" with a smile.
this was the first time we tried their mochi ice cream. it was mango. and amazing.
i'm not actually this tall. there was just a conveniently placed chair for me to stand on and get my photo taken with the lovely sign.
later we made strawberry scones for the following morning. ben put on "strawberry fields forever" by the beatles and then we listened to the "across the universe" version. and we watched this [because i LOVE this part of the movie]:

we stayed up until 12:30 just to finish them. it was worth it.then we ate them on thursday morning. i had blackberry tea and ben had raspberry. and we had lemon curd.
see the hydrangea plant? ben got that for me, for my bday. I LOVE IT.

have you seen the latest postcard stamps? SO CUTE. you might all get a post card soon...
oh, and these shoes were my birthday present to myself.
and i took this cool "color accent" photo of ben. he's planning for our upcoming trip (out of our $1 london travel book from goodwill). i heart you goodwill.

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