sweet family & st patrick's day eve

As is evident in my last post, Ben's grandfather, Alma "Spike" passed away on Friday. Ben is in Utah (he left on Saturday) to be with his family for the funeral services. I wish so much I could have gone, but with our upcoming trip to Europe and the craziness of my Mondays, I couldn't possibly pull away (much to my dismay). I love you, sweet family of Spike.

It's been strange the last two nights, sleeping without Ben--- so I've slept smack dab in the middle of the bed. I probably do this on a regular basis and I don't notice, I just really like to have my arm or leg on Ben when I fall asleep. Kristen & the kids have been with me--- but they left this morning to visit Kris' friend for a couple days. Kristen offered to stay, since I'll be alone tonight and tomorrow night, but I didn't want to rob Kristen of seeing her friend(s) since she is so close and rarely is!

annie immediately covered herself with our tj's stickers when she got here
sam outside the air & space museum, anticipating his predestined hot dog
also a soon-to-be-hot-dog-eater
neither one wanted their hot dog bun. hilarious. kristen said, "you come to the big city to enjoy the finest cuisine!" even more hilarious.
family picture at the air force memorial. i love sam's "smile"
pretty reflection
mr yogato with the kids. there are little kiddie cup sizes there--- good to know. sam wanted all the green gummy bears.
kristen sporting a very sam smile :)

Having spent the last few days with Kristen & Sam & Annie... I really have been reminded of how sweet and loving family is. I also have really appreciated the innocence and greatness of young children... how life is such a discovery and an adventure--- and not tedious and mundane. Sam shows a lot of alacrity and enthusiasm when it comes to most anything (like walking to the laundry room, for example). Annie has the most infectious laugh when it comes to ring around the rosy. Both children love to stop and examine most things, like small sticks or fallen leaves. And did I mention the fact that they LOVE their uncle, Ben?? Annie even said, "I want Ben" yesterday and Sam keeps asking when he's going to come back from Utah.

the kids LOVE to cuddle with ben
at the zoo--- totally stoked (just kidding, they were totally asleep, so kris and i enjoyed the small mammal house)
kris was so thoughtful to bring their DC shirts ben and i tie-dyed them for christmas :)

on sunday morning (since we have church at the ridiculous hour of 3pm) we went for a nice walk at Huntley Meadows in Alexandria. really pretty.
when the man who took the picture told annie to smile, she stuck her tongue out
lift both seats!

After dinner on Sunday we made cookies--- the chocolatepeanutbutter kind. yummm
sam loved them
and so did annie.

So, here I am. All alone. To comfort me while Ben is away, I got this Shamrock plant at TJ's for $2.50. You know how I love green. And plants.

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