the hunt

the husband and i moved to dc nearly a year ago.and i still haven't been able to pin down some friends like these.

but i know it took years to have friends like these. decades even. .. soon linny will come visit me--- so i guess that will hold me over until i find a closer friend. not an-across-the-country sort of friend :)

the longer i go without making a true friend, the more socially inept i feel.

1) laughing at the wrong times--- laughs that are loud and uncontrollable
2) saying things that in my head were funny but when they come out--- totally awkward
3) hinting about becoming friends... but then i get a blank stare in return
4) getting nervous to make a totally socially platonic advance

oh to be socially beautiful



I'm so excited for these cuties to come visit!!
exactly one week!! hooray!


la vie

i love that when we were in paris... we only heard "la vie en rose" once. it was down an alleyway... a man was singing it at the top of his lungs while hauling boxes.

i love stuff like that.


we tried the greek deli across the street from where ben works. it was delicious. and a beautiful day. so we walked to the dupont... the circle. and sat and ate. and enjoyed. we've had some excellent greek food in our time... from aristo's in slc... to greece... yeah ok. it was good food. i recommend it.the line at the greek deli... good thing we called ahead!firey tulip
can you spot ben...?
a little mediterranean goodness
wanted to show off my bolsa nueva (thanks linny & randy!!)

we braved the instant summer--- it got up to 97 degrees!! but we were happy for a sunny day. in the sun. ben loved the arboretum. and i loved it a second time.
there is a section all about different plants that can be used for bio-fuels, etc. i love canola oil.
one of the bonsais in the bonsai and penjing museum
a baby banyan tree!! i love banyans... so cool.
see the columns in the background? they were the columns at the capitol until it was redone a while back...too bright...!!
much better
attractive man.
the columns are tall
we took a stop in the asia collections. and read. in the shade.
this was our view.
when we were leaving the arboretum, we saw these men on crazy bikes!!

we visited the national shrine catholic cathedral. i really love cathedrals. a lot. i guess it's the italian in me :)


for city gals

today, over lunch, i was walking in my city...

and i was thinking, "i am such a city girl."
and then i looked down at the hidden inside pocket of my mommy's old jacket (from when she was my age-ish)
and found this...perfect.



happy free ben&jerry's ice cream day!!
this made us especially happy because we missed free ice cream from maggie moo's on tax day.
today was a much better day for ice cream anyway. and we love ben&jerry's way more. it was the perfect ice cream evening--- to walk from b&j's to the metro. then when we got home it started pouring rain. silly weather. i love the rain. but i look forward to more constant sunshine.


earth day wouldn't be the same without tie-dye

we had a lovely weekend. we ate EVERY meal on our balcony... because of the lovely weather but also because we are trying to take advantage of the balcony while we still can. we are leaving this overly-priced-overly-spacial apartment before we leave to eurr-rope-ahh in may. which brings up another predicament. who will babysit our plants for 3 weeks??! any volunteers?? please!!

on friday, ben and i met after work and had a nice "appetizer" and walk around dupont area. i heart dupont. it's my dream to either live in the dupont area or foggy bottom area (to live across the street from trader joe's, of course). but unless we win the lottery, we can't live in either of those places in the near future.
umm... don't you love the red tulip amidst all the yellow? hello spring!
our appetizer was mr. yogato... hehe... we got gummy bears in honor of annie and sam :)
i made ben take these photos of me... to show off my new boots. yes, they are from goodwill. i love you goodwill. not sure if i'm dancing in this picture or what?
the tulip in a pink ruffly dressyes, i love flowers. but mostly just spring.evening on the metro
we made this lovely salmon and couscous dinner for date night. husband liked it. five and a half stars.
saturday we tie-dyed. we had a little dye left over... so we made our towel look awesome :)ben is very artistic :)
we bought a pineapple. and i didn't want to throw the top away... and ben said i should make it into a hat... ...ummm ben did such an amazing job!!! i am so jealous/proud of him.we also made a few onesies... for future... children...?
but seriously, we're not having kids for a while. but we know some people who are :) hooray!!

how was your weekend? do tell.


love you, mother [earth]

there's just one day to celebrate our earth (april 22nd)?!
i like to celebrate this lovely place we live all year long... each day i try to do something more.

like... even though my boss would prefer to have everything that needs printing to have its own page... i print things double sided (and he doesn't mind so much).

when i was a ... custodial worker at the lovely Eyring Science Center at BYU (which I am still sleep deprived from...) I was a trash taker outer. and i recycled for pretty much everyone in the building. seriously. the bins are just down the hall.

BUT helping our earth isn't just about recycling... it's about reusing. and it's about reducing. call your bank to get your statements online. figure out ways to use the car less... with spring (sort of) here, it's better weather to walk!
why i love dc: there is a free concert this weekend on the national mall to celebrate our earth. the flaming lips and chevy chase will be there. i hope to attend. [.]we might also visit the u.s. national aboreatum this weekend. or maybe next. i mean, it's always going to be there right? we just want to avoid tourists. but, maybe they are unavoidable. [.]

what are you doing to celebrate EARTH DAY (or EARTH everyDAY)?!


happiest easter

i feel really tired. i think i spent most of the day in the kitchen--- but i quite enjoyed it.
this easter post has a lot of photos of flowers, but i'm sure that's ok for your viewing pleasure.

we had a fabulous easter. it was pretty standard.
1. easter basket (shared between ben and i)
2. lots of goooood food
3. family
4. church
5. celebrationtulips just outside my office. i'm so lucky :)
brunch on the balcony. bread pudding.did you know hydrangeas have little blooms in the middle?!! gorgeous.dinner with some fam, some friends. dan really wanted his picture taken with his lime-carrot cupcake cream cheese frosting on his nose :)i think we "perfected" the frosting this time. hooooray.

i hope you had a very bright, sunny and lovely easter.