earth day wouldn't be the same without tie-dye

we had a lovely weekend. we ate EVERY meal on our balcony... because of the lovely weather but also because we are trying to take advantage of the balcony while we still can. we are leaving this overly-priced-overly-spacial apartment before we leave to eurr-rope-ahh in may. which brings up another predicament. who will babysit our plants for 3 weeks??! any volunteers?? please!!

on friday, ben and i met after work and had a nice "appetizer" and walk around dupont area. i heart dupont. it's my dream to either live in the dupont area or foggy bottom area (to live across the street from trader joe's, of course). but unless we win the lottery, we can't live in either of those places in the near future.
umm... don't you love the red tulip amidst all the yellow? hello spring!
our appetizer was mr. yogato... hehe... we got gummy bears in honor of annie and sam :)
i made ben take these photos of me... to show off my new boots. yes, they are from goodwill. i love you goodwill. not sure if i'm dancing in this picture or what?
the tulip in a pink ruffly dressyes, i love flowers. but mostly just spring.evening on the metro
we made this lovely salmon and couscous dinner for date night. husband liked it. five and a half stars.
saturday we tie-dyed. we had a little dye left over... so we made our towel look awesome :)ben is very artistic :)
we bought a pineapple. and i didn't want to throw the top away... and ben said i should make it into a hat... ...ummm ben did such an amazing job!!! i am so jealous/proud of him.we also made a few onesies... for future... children...?
but seriously, we're not having kids for a while. but we know some people who are :) hooray!!

how was your weekend? do tell.

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