we tried the greek deli across the street from where ben works. it was delicious. and a beautiful day. so we walked to the dupont... the circle. and sat and ate. and enjoyed. we've had some excellent greek food in our time... from aristo's in slc... to greece... yeah ok. it was good food. i recommend it.the line at the greek deli... good thing we called ahead!firey tulip
can you spot ben...?
a little mediterranean goodness
wanted to show off my bolsa nueva (thanks linny & randy!!)

we braved the instant summer--- it got up to 97 degrees!! but we were happy for a sunny day. in the sun. ben loved the arboretum. and i loved it a second time.
there is a section all about different plants that can be used for bio-fuels, etc. i love canola oil.
one of the bonsais in the bonsai and penjing museum
a baby banyan tree!! i love banyans... so cool.
see the columns in the background? they were the columns at the capitol until it was redone a while back...too bright...!!
much better
attractive man.
the columns are tall
we took a stop in the asia collections. and read. in the shade.
this was our view.
when we were leaving the arboretum, we saw these men on crazy bikes!!

we visited the national shrine catholic cathedral. i really love cathedrals. a lot. i guess it's the italian in me :)

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