happiest easter

i feel really tired. i think i spent most of the day in the kitchen--- but i quite enjoyed it.
this easter post has a lot of photos of flowers, but i'm sure that's ok for your viewing pleasure.

we had a fabulous easter. it was pretty standard.
1. easter basket (shared between ben and i)
2. lots of goooood food
3. family
4. church
5. celebrationtulips just outside my office. i'm so lucky :)
brunch on the balcony. bread pudding.did you know hydrangeas have little blooms in the middle?!! gorgeous.dinner with some fam, some friends. dan really wanted his picture taken with his lime-carrot cupcake cream cheese frosting on his nose :)i think we "perfected" the frosting this time. hooooray.

i hope you had a very bright, sunny and lovely easter.

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